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Availble on request:
With daily/weekly time programming; With command system by proximity badge or magnetic switch card; With rolling code radio control protected from duplication); Numerical code selector; Siren detector; Magnetic loop; Access control.

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The latest in the Stop&Go line, with new octagonal design of the rotation pin and flower container, more in harmony with historical settings and suitable for employment combined with modern architecture at the same time. It is supplied fully assembled and wired, operating with radio control, and ready for connection to the power supply cable equipped with an autonomous safety system: luminous indicators with very bright leds, siren, courtesy photocells for direction inversion close to and obstacle, and mechanical safety stops. Maximum installation rapidity and simplicity, usable also on uneven roads with an inclination of up to 10%. Moving on the surface it can turn through more than 180°. In the event of blackout it has a practical and rapid manual release system.